Vote Vinnie Cherrone: Experience You Can Trust, Safety You Deserve

Vote Vinnie Cherrone: Experience You Can Trust, Safety You Deserve

Meet Vinnie

Vinnie Cherrone has been an active Williamson County Resident for the last 39 years.  He received his associate degree from the State University of New York at Morrisville, and his daughter graduated from Sam Houston University with a degree in criminal justice.

As A Leader

Vinnie Cherrone in his role as the head of Williamson County Precinct One Constable’s Office achieved “Re-Recognition Status” for compliance with the Texas Law Enforcement Agency Best Practices Recognition Program. Vinnie Cherrone has a long and proven track record of his dedication to excellence in law enforcement.

Achieving Excellence

Out of over 2,400 law enforcement agencies statewide, only 164 hold recognition from the Texas Law Enforcement Agency’s Best Practices Recognition Program. As Constable, Vinnie Cherrone’s office not only belonged to this exclusive group but stood out as one of the three constable’s offices in the entire state to achieve this prestigious recognition. What’s more, it’s a remarkable feat to be recognized for a second time, showcasing the consistent commitment to upholding the highest standards of service.

Team Effort and Pride

Vinne Cherrone truly understands that this achievement is a testament to the collective effort of every member of the agency. In a prepared statement, he expressed, “Every employee of the agency can be proud of this accomplishment. It is only through a team effort we are able to continue to achieve this high level of service.” This acknowledgment underscores the collaborative spirit that can be achieved within the Precinct One Constable’s Office.

Vinnie Cherrone’s leadership stands as a beacon of excellence, not only within Williamson County but across the state of Texas. His commitment to best practices, team collaboration, and the pursuit of excellence makes him the ideal candidate for the role of Constable for Precinct 1. Join us in supporting Constable Cherrone as he continues to lead with distinction and dedication.